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Alcoholic's Anthem - Released!

Oh don't worry. We're not gonna give you a long wide introduction for the newest KCB single but rather head on straight to the topic.

Ushering big into the Bollywood scene with this one - here's Alcoholic's Anthem as promised!

Broken Neck And Recovery

It's been some sad and hard times for Mr. Bridges this past week as he's set on the road to recovery after being discharged from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) following his recent accident. goes live!

So it's with great pleasure that Team Greenpill would like to inform all of Kacey's fans that is now live. Although it's currently in a beta-stage, the full version of the site is expected to be coming out shortly.

Beware of imposter Profiles

Fake Kacey Bridges Profiles

So this is me, KCB, personally wanting to let you all know that there are some imposter profiles out there in social networking sites with my name (and sometimes my pictures too) which ARE NOT MINE.

Tour Cancelled

So this is a rather different update from our usual positive ones, but the latest news developed from Kacey Bridges is that the "possible tour" story from the artist has NOW officially been cancelled after a turn down of his B2 Visa appeal at the US Consulate at Calcutta.

Possible Chicago Tour and New Single

Although he has uncertain plans for any tours in India anytime soon, a possible tour is in the books for Kacey this year.

One-on-One Interview with Char Hardin

Setting out to promote his music in international countries, Kacey's recent online interview with Char Hardin from "Charred Remains", gives you an inner look on the artist's life as well as his developing music career over the months.

Going Numero Uno!

Going Numero Uno!

Drinks are on the Bridges Entourage and close ones after the recent success of Kacey's new single!

Take This City On A Roll (Single)

Take This City On A Roll - Front Cover

After nearly two years after the release of his first song "Not Leaving Without A Kiss" - Kacey Bridges is back on the music track with a new club banger alongside brother and fellow rapper B-Reft featuring a more electronic and a pop outlook on his image.

Don't Tell Me What (Single)

Don't Tell Me What (Screenshot)

Accompanied by a kickass video created by the artist himself, rapper B-Reft releases the first single off from his "Geek Turned Monsta" album titled - "Don't Tell Me What".