Tour Cancelled

So this is a rather different update from our usual positive ones, but the latest news developed from Kacey Bridges is that the "possible tour" story from the artist has NOW officially been cancelled after a turn down of his B2 Visa appeal at the US Consulate at Calcutta. As disheartening as that news was for him, he's also goin through some personal stuff and says that he won't be coming back to the music scene with any new songs anytime soon seeing that he's lacking inspiration and that "any songs that I make now would be utter shit compared to what I make usually. " But he adds that he'll continue to go on as a music producer and is looking forward to working with new artists from both local and international music scenes.

As for all you fans and visitors, we'd like to thank you for showing support and hope that you'll continue showing the same.
One Love,
Thank You.