Take This City On A Roll (Single)

Take This City On A Roll - Front Cover

After nearly two years after the release of his first song "Not Leaving Without A Kiss" - Kacey Bridges is back on the music track with a new club banger alongside brother and fellow rapper B-Reft featuring a more electronic and a pop outlook on his image. Self-produced and self-composed, the new single titled - "Take This City On A Roll" - "is my take on the party life and doing it all in a large scale", says Bridges while discussing the track. Although way off his original "lovey-dovey" style that was portrayed in his previous release, the song's recieved generally positive reviews so far and is somethin that has been called an "eargasm" by some of the listeners and a "sure hit" by the rest. So tune your ears into a new Kacey and let the track speak for itself. Coming out from his yet-to-be-released album, here's "Take This City On A Roll".

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