About Kacey Bridges

Real Name: Swaraj Mehta
Stage Name: Kacey Bridges
Nicknames: Kace, KCB, Bridges.
Born: January, 1992
Active Since: January, 2005
Hometown: Calcutta, India.

"Making music would be the only job that I would agree to do without asking days off on the weekends..."

"F*cking awesome!!", "Damn that's good!", "Whoaa!" - and - "Eargasm!", are few of the words that come out of the mouth of the ones who have just finished groovin to a Kacey Bridges track. With a 17,000+ fanbase on MySpace and Reverbnation, and after spending three months on the top of the, "ALL GENRES", "HIP-HOP", "POP" and "R&B" charts of MySpace India, Kacey Bridges is an artist about whom you're gonna hear a lot about in the days to come.

Being a "Sucker for Music", as he says it, Kacey started off as a music producer back when he was in the eighth grade at the age of only 13, which was when he started workin on his skills as a producer, composer, singer, songwriter and a rapper. Soon enough, Kacey would go on to produce for his brother's EP release "Geek Turned Monsta" which includes breezy fresh tracks from Kacey's brother - B-Reft - alongside Kacey's unique production.

Explaining how he got the idea of producing his own album, Kacey says that during the production of B-Reft's album, there were certain scores, melodies and lyrics that just weren't right for a rap album. So after giving it some time, Kacey would decide to make his own album where he would be including 4 songs from different genres - ranging from CLUB to POP to R&B to HIP-HOP - although the artist says that his album is mainly POP. The album currently titled "XOXO" is yet to be released, although Kacey's MySpace hit "Take This City On A Roll" aired on his MySpace page (myspace.com/kaceybridges).

With a unique sense of style and a personality which the 19 year old says lies somewhere on a "thin line between being weird and being awesome", Kacey Bridges is not your everyday popstar. Some consider him a celebrity already; and for the ones who don't, say that he's got what it takes to make it up in the music industry - National or International. So till the "SHOOTING STAR" finally hits your TV Screen, you can check him and his tracks out on -

Official Website - kaceybridges.com
MySpace - myspace.com/kaceybridges
Reverbnation - reverbnation.com/kaceybridges
Facebook - facebook.com/kaceybridges.
Twitter - twitter.com/kaceybridges